Monday, May 4, 2009

Update... NOTHING!

But I am not frustrated at all, and am handling this very well  :)  I started having contractions on Thursday night... they got to every  three minutes about a minute each so we went in to the hospital at 7 am Friday and they said I still wasn't progressing though, so to go home and come back when they get stronger or closer together.  About 2pm they just STOPPED!  They started again about 6pm, but when I woke up on Saturday, they were GONE!!!  What is going on??? Believe me I will let EVERYONE know when this happens...   I just feel like curling up and having cuddle time with my baby Brax until this new one comes.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny,

Does your babystrology counter go negative tomorrow? Luann asked if you were going to have your little burrito today, for Cinco de Mayo. Call if there's anything I can bring you and hi to Berto and Bee.


Runner Gurl said...

Our little guy will come when he's done cooking. We need to be patient I suppose.
*tapping foot all impatient like*