Saturday, May 9, 2009

Oliver Andrew Costante is here... FINALY!!!

It was perfect...  We went in on Thursday night to the hospital and my contractions started at about 7am on Friday... Oliver was born at 9:34am!  Alberto was AWESOME... rubbing when I needed rubbed, and backing off when I needed some space...  I love this man... and I really have the best most handsome perfect boys EVER!  We are all doing great, just trying to get settled in as a family at home and getting some MUCH needed rest :)  He was 5 pounds 12 oz, but when we went home today he was 5 pounds 5 oz, he is SOOOO small!


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Anonymous said...

What a handsome little guy, just like his big brother. Wishing you 4 (and pets) all the best.

Love, Roger