Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Here I am!

Braxton at the Parade... somewhere there is a pic of him a couple years ago at the parade eating licorice!  I tried to find it so I could put them both on here...  Mom do you have it still?
Above~ Ben and Jason (my Brothers) eating lobster at our BBQ the other day
My family... Alberto eating lobster guts... Gross :)
Braxton hamming it up... and holding a pic of him and his Brother

Uncle Ben with Oliver... I love this Picture!
Big brother Braxton giving Oliver some love

I know it has been awhile... we have been a bit busy : )  So I left Braxton at the restaurant yesterday so I could do a Costco run...  and I was walking through the busy intersection right out front of the store holding the car seat and my clutch fell and popped open!   Stuff everywhere...  and it was windy so everything started flying!!!   I was just standing there in the middle of the road in shock, trying to decide if it was really worth it to run all over in the street dodging cars holding the car seat, and this man comes up behind me and handed me my phone (that I didn't know I had dropped ) and starts grabbing things off the ground.  I told him that I loved him... I know, a little drastic, but thank you didn't seem enough to express how I felt : ) So that was Yesterday. Tomorrow we are off to the Lost River Winery to check it out, because we are doing a catering thing there next month.   Baby Oliver went to the Doc last Friday and was 6lbs!  Way to grow honey

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Runner Gurl said...

It makes me so sad that you spilled your purse! I love the man that helped you, too.

Kiss my fuzzy headed grandsons for me!!! I get them on Saturday, right???
: D

mom... who might not be able to wait for Saturday...