Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers day!

Braxton is Amazing!!!  He loves rubbing his brothers back and head, and will let me know right away if Oliver is sad and needs me :)  Alberto went to the store yesterday, and I had both my boys... it was so weird and great to have both these perfect little men snuggled up next to me :) We haven't been sleeping much, and whoever said "sleep when they sleep" is still crazy!  That's when you do laundry, dishes, check your email and update your blog!   We will get him out into the world next week for visits so everyone can see our new little guy :) 

1 comment:

Runner Gurl said...

I am going through serious grandson withdrawal.

Nobody here wants to play I SPY or draw roads and houses with me.

Nobody here will let me snuggle up and smell their soft little head (well, ok... Scott offered, but it just wasn't the same).

*heavy sigh*

I need a grandson fix!!!!!!!