Friday, April 24, 2009

Life Update!

Tulip fields this week...

Mom, I figured this was going to happen... but so soon??? :)  Kidding!  She was returning the scooter into the store for my Papa last Friday.
(Above) How cute is this boy???
(Below) Papa and Braxton coloring at the restaurant last week!

Okay, so it has been a week... sorry I haven't been updating people :)  Here it is... I went in Tuesday night to the hospital for a stress test (the baby, not me :) and I was having some contractions, but couldn't feel them... I wish I had that the first time! Then On Wednesday I went in for my Ultrasound to check the pressure on the cord, because that is what the Doctor was worried about last week, and all looks better! He gained weight also, they think he is about 5.12... give or take 2 pounds! Yesterday I went in for my reg check up with my midwife (who I LOVE) and I am a two centimeters along, that is when I went to the hospital with Brax last time :)  I can't sleep anymore!  Not because of the heartburn and "bigness"... but I am just so exited and anxious...  When When When??  Alberto Is worried I won't love this one as much as I love Brax, he is probably right :)  Kidding!!!!  Parents do it all the time right?  Don't you just grow more love? Well I go in again for my next stress test on Saturday morning and they will check little Oliver's heartbeat, for contractions and movement then we wait some more! Can you believe this is almost over?  This really has been the fastest 9 months EVER!!  I can't wait :)

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Runner Gurl said...

Yes. You grow enough love. I promise.

I am soooooo excited, too!!!!!