Saturday, April 11, 2009

Baby Boy

Braxton July 2006

We are all waiting for him...  but it really is going fast... faster than my first little guy :)  I think because I am running all over with the first one!  Braxton has become the "official" thing picker upper, because I can no longer bend easily to pick up dropped keys, papers, toys etc.  ( I can still bend, just not easily :) He is already such an AMAZING helper!  Every day it seems Alberto and I look at him and stand there thinking when did he turn into a little boy...  he is no longer our little baby/toddler...  I wonder how different these two kids will be.  Braxton is so sweet, patient, always wants to help, and can tell right away if some one is upset and wants to make them feel better.  His feeling get hurt easily, and it is the sadist thing EVER when he says, "I'm sad" while his eyes fill with tears...  It breaks your heart!  How do you love your second as much as your first??  Alberto and I laugh, because my older Brother Jason is/was the mellow one... and I am/was NOT, I was a pain in the you know what... and Alberto's older sister Daniela was the mellow one and Alberto was (is)  not. At all :)  We think, poor Braxton, if this "older child/younger child" pattern continues.       

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Runner Gurl said...

You were not a pain in the "you know what". You were and ARE perfectly you.

You WERE a fan of taking the "scenic route" in life, without a doubt..... *giggle*.... but I wouldn't change ONE thing about the person you were or the person you've become.

Like your brothers and your sister, you are ABSOLUTELY a mama's dream come true.

This new little guy of ours will be perfect his OWN way. And when Braxton needs a big boy break, he can come stay with gram.
; )

I love you, sweet Jenny. Your boys are soooo lucky to have such a patient, wise, loving mama.