Saturday, December 13, 2008

Life is Awesome... It is SNOWING!!!

Hmmm... Candy

One last look before heading off to daddy's house :)

Do you know how many funny dances I had to do to get these smiles???? Worth it :)

I love snow, I am freaking out!!! I was listening to Delila with Braxton last night in the kitchen as we decorated a gingerbread house... and people were calling in with their Christmas traditions, and as I was remembering the things we use to do when I was younger, I realized that decorating a gingerbread house each year listening to Delila is one of Braxton and my's traditions :) So are making those clay hand prints... my mommy started that one :) It's funny because it seems like so much work. Life that is. We went out and got the whole gingerbread house kit, and when we got home I'm like trying to put it off... "let's do it after your bath honey, or after dinner? Maybe tomorrow would be better". Then I realize how important it is to him by the disappointed look on his face, and he thinks he will never get to do it when I start talking that way, so I'm like, "Okay, lets do this!!! Get your stool and lets turn up 104.3 and find all the candy in the house for you to use so mommy doesn't eat it". He got so exited, and I think, this is what life is about. It just seems crazy hard to get started on somethings... you start thinking what a mess it will make, or I need to do this or that... But while you are gluing walls together and candy keeps falling on the floor and Delila is talking about Christmas, and my son is having a blast and laughing like crazy, I think what would I have done if he would have agreed to wait? Watched TV? Do a little laundry? This was SOOOOO much better :)

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Anonymous said...

Forget the MasterCard commercials: Braxton's smiles are what's priceless. Jen, you are such a good mama. So it's snowing in MV? Up here it's just dry and bone-ass cold. :) Rog