Monday, December 8, 2008

Almost Christmas!!!

Brax and Grandpa Cutting the tree on Dec 6th :)

Me and Brax in front of the Doctor Suess Tree :)

Don't freak out mom... this is an older picture... but can you feel the love???

And I'm sure everybody knows, Christmas is my FAVORITE!!! It makes me so happy :) Braxton and I got up Sunday morning at 7:30 and made dog bones and christmas handprints then we all headed to Ikea to get his Christmas climber bed. We came up with some new baby names too, but we are not telling!!! ----> You would think we were CRAZY :) I am getting exited for a boy too, we saw a blue crib at Ikea and that's the first time I thought two boys would be pretty cute;) We went with mom to get her Christmas tree on Saturday, I love it... I hope we still come together like this when we are all older (Emma and Ben) and live out in the world. Christmas is just a time for me where I need to be around the people I love :) If you didn't get it before, Christmas makes me VERY happy. Some people, I won't name names, think Christmas is too commercial and it's about stores trying to sell stuff and paper and ribbons... and as much as I LOVE paper... Christmas, I tell him, is what you make it. If you make it about cookies and homemade dog bones and lights and family tree buying and that happy feeling that just floats through the air and makes you smile, then that is what Christmas is about. Making sure that the people you love, know that they are loved. I remember asking my dad what he wanted for Christmas when I was little, and would say a hug, and I would be like, a hug??? And I remember thinking I need to get something or make something to show him how much I love him. But now that I'm older, (oh jeeze) and have Brax, I understand just how great a hug really is, because it say's plain and simple, I love you.

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Runner Gurl said...

I'm glad to see proof that you wear a helmet on that thing. I can feel gray hairs sprouting up when I just LOOK at that picture!
; )

Sweet Jen-Jen... You have totally captured the Christmas spirit... and your post helped me capture it too.

Can we pull off a cookie baking day together before Christmas???

I love you, baby gurl.
Hugs and kisses to you, my grandbabies, and 'berto.