Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hospital again...

So we went into the Doc because Oliver was a little congested and we wanted some saline drops or something.  We ended up having blood drawn and Brax, Oliver and I stayed at the Dr. office for 3 hours because they wanted to get the labs back before we left, it was CRAZY!  Then after they got the labs back, some of the stuff didn't look right, so they wanted to rule everything out before they sent him off... better safe then sorry, right?  Some of the liver stuff looked funny, and his blood platelet count was 60 and it is supposed to be in the 200 to 350 range... 20 is when it starts to get scary he said.  He is also a little jaundice... so separately,  all these things can be explained away as normal to semi normal things, but what everyone is worried about is if they are all symptoms of one related thing... VERY CONFUSING!  We stayed the night in the hospital and did another lab, where his blood count did go up a little to 123, and what they are checking for now is a congenital infection that he could have got when I was pregnant. If that is the case it would explain why he was so small and the blood count and everything else... but we will wait and see for the other test results to come back, and we might never know they said.  If he did get a congenital infection, he is already over the infection, and these would just be the lasting effects, that hopefully would just return to normal in time.

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