Thursday, January 22, 2009

"Obama is getting married!"

That is what Braxton said the other day when we turned on one of the Obama balls the other night, I can see it, she was in a white dress, he was in a tux, they were dancing... it was VERY cute!
I love Obama... it was so hard not to cry when we were listening to his speech on the radio. He is so full of confidence and hope and heart... he makes you believe everything will be better... not tomorrow, and not next year, but it will turn around, and that's what we need, to know the future is going to be a better place for everyone.

On another note...
My Honey and I are getting married :)

Saturday, November 14th! Only our families and close friends will be there, and we chose that date because it sounds romantic... and Alberto's parent's will be back from Italy for a visit in early November, and yes, it gives me 6 months to get slim and cute for that spectacular dress! There is so much going on right now, I feel like life is going in 3 billion directions at once, and sometimes I don't know where to focus or what to do next, let alone pick a baby name for this little boy... Any Ideas people? We are no longer sharing our ideas... :) Because everyone seems to have an opinion ~it was their dog's name, or it sounds Jewish, or they just don't like it... Come on people!!!
OXOX Jenny

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Anonymous said...

Marriage, Obama, names . . . Maybe Braxton will marry Obama's youngest in 20 or so years. You never know. :)
I like Nico, for your new baby's Italian heritage, and so won't suggest anything else. But for a middle name, considering he is coming into the world during this time of hope, how about Barack?