Wednesday, November 5, 2008

So so very happy with life :)

Ok so now we can breath deeply and hope this whole mess gets better.
The economy, not my life :)
But I was reading this morning between like 12 calls between me and my mommy... and out of 65,129 voters in Skagit County, only 37,853 people voted!!! That is only 58% all you non math people! And In Whatcom county, out of 115,314 registered voters only 51,771 people mailed in their ballots!!! 44.9%... Hello people!!! Just the biggest decision ever made!!! How hard is it to stamp that envalope to make a better future for my babies?? Okay, but anyway...
Oh, and we are 14 weeks and 1 day into this baby thing... My baby girl! :)

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