Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Awww... He is almost 4!!! Wow... where did four years go? Or the last like 10? He is so much work... My brain is GONE... and as I tell him to stop picking his nose, stop pulling on the dog's leg, not to pee outside (at least in front of people), not to jump on the couch, not to stand on the table, remind him every 3 minutes to say please and thank you, hello and goodbye and not to ask for anything because it is rude... practically pulling my hair out... I find myself thinking I need another one... like REALLY thinking I need another one... What is up with that??? Some crazy joke from nature I suppose... Very funny.

Happy Almost Birthday Braxton!! OXOX

PS I miss living in Bellingham...

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Runner Gurl said...

I can't help but read this and smile. It's funny how life balances itself out so divinely. I remember a sweet little girl that I used to chase around in very much the same manner. Too funny.
; )

Remember when you cut your own bangs? And for YEARS how you wouldn't let your brother look out YOUR car window? And how you learned to sign my name so convincingly that your high school PE class was "excused" on a regular basis? SHEESH!

We didn't have a dog, but when you were little you "held" caterpillars rather... snuggly. You could never figure out why these crawly creatures went into your little hand a caterpillar, but came out caterpillar JUICE . Ick!!!

And the pet rat.... Remember "Sister Rat"? E-gad. How did you ever talk me into that. I will never forgive it for biting me.

Your condition is called "mother brain", baby girl. Too many details to contain in one head. I would tell you that it gets better as your children grow, but you are old enough, and you spend enough time with me, to know it isn't true.

I remember driving with you and your three sibs and having to pull over because I couldn't remember where the heck I was driving to!

Another grandbaby?! Yeah... I could live with that. ESPECIALLY if you moved next door to your mama.

I love you more than all of the stars in the sky, Jen-Jen.