Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Braxton and Sawyer "Bonding"... and we did NOT put them like this,
MR. B fell asleep on the couch and Sawyer cuddled up next to him :)

My Baby Boy Wrote his name by himself for the first time!!! We have been working on it for the last couple days... Staight line, bubble bubble... Straight line, bubble, line... Up down across... Pirate x ... and so on :) My big boy!!! He drew the O and said, "Hey, I have a lemon in my name!" It really does look like a lemon :)


Runner Gurl said...

Sweet and brilliant. He totally takes after his mommy.

I love you.


Kim said...

Wow--now THAT is exciting! Way to go Braxton!
Auntie Kim

Anonymous said...

Beautiful boy and puppy. And a genius to boot! I love that he recognizes a lemon as its own sphere. Soon Grandma will teach him about limes. :)